You can use Contatto as your working headquarters for a few hours, for a day, for a week, for a month or even more.
You can keep the same desk for as long as you stay, giving you the chance to store your working materials and computer, or you can change workstations at will.



Desks sized 120 cm or 100 cm, each equipped with a multi-socket power strip providing three standard sockets and two USB outlets, a pen holder, lamp and cabinet with shelves. The internet connection is fibre-optic wi-fi.



Two balconies for taking a break or chatting in private. Use of the kitchen to make coffee, heat up lunch or season a salad. An ideal place for working, exchanging thoughts and ideas, getting to know others.


Historic park around the corner

The historic Villa Pamphili, a massive public park, is only three minutes away by foot, perfect for taking a break from work, seeing that a day of nothing but toil is no guarantee of productivity. And who’s to say that good ideas necessarily come when you’re sitting still.

What is a workation?

Thought up by a digital nomad, it will change your way of travelling.


For digital nomads on vacation in Rome and in need of space and structures where they can work – with the added bonus of getting to know others in the process – or for Italian nomads who are in the city for a convention, a meeting or an encounter and need a place to spend the night, Contatto provides a room complete with everything required for a stay of a day, a week, a month…

Conceived of by a digital nomad who works with a network of associations of European freelancers, Contatto serves as an ideal headquarters for those travelling periodically to Rome. Well connected to public transportation, not far from the famed Trastevere neighbourhood and just a short walk from one of Rome’s largest parks, the Villa Pamphili, Contatto is in a portion of the city still untouched by gentrification – not a tourist zone overrun with bed & breakfasts and fancy places to eat and drink. The area is a normal, functioning part of the city, with an open-air market, family-owned shops and long-time residents who recognise each other when they meet.

The workation room complete with an extremely comfortable sofa bed, a workstation all its own, a cabinet and shelves. But guests can also choose to work at any of the other coworking stations.
Contatto provides every comfort, up to and including a washing machine, an iron, a microwave oven and a juicer, all of them available for use by its guests.

How it works

The coworking space is open from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday.

Coworking:   1 hour = € 3   /   1 day = € 15   /   1 week = € 60

Workation: 1 day & night = € 60

  • € 190 / € 500 +vat

    One month / three months

  • Desk measuring 100x60
  • Fibre-optic wi-fi
  • Use of common areas
  • Cabinet + drawers
  • Use of printers and fax machine*
  • € 210 / € 525 +vat

    One month / three months

  • Desk measuring 120x60
  • Fibre-optic wi-fi
  • Use of common areas
  • Cabinet + drawers
  • Use of printers and fax machine*
  • 1 consulting session with the Acta freelancers association
  • As much coffee as you want
  • € 520 +vat

    Ten 24-hour entries (day & night)

  • Private room
  • Sheets and towels
  • Private desk measuring 120 cm in the room
  • Bookshelf, closet
  • Fibre-optic wi-fi
  • TV

Coworking Card (package of 10 one-day coworking sessions) = € 130

Members of Acta, the freelancers association and of EFIP, the European Forum of Independent Professionals, are given a 10% discount.

* Fax service fee – Printers:  b/w printouts € 0.10 a copy

Where we are

In the heart of Rome’s Monteverde neighbourhood, at no. 25/i Via Francesco Catel.

A network of freelancers

A meeting place for Acta, the freelancers association


Once a month, Contatto hosts the information exchange of Acta, the italian freelancers association, as indicated on the calendar found  here.

Contatto also hosts periodic meetings of the Rome chapter of Acta, meaning that you can find advice, ideas and information on networking in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

Who is Acta

Freelance in Contatto!

The Acta Fest on the #EFWeek


We are active in the European freelancers movement and we are joining the EFW this year too, opening our doors for free for the entire EFW, from 12 to 21 October 2018.

Come and celebrate the #EFWeek with us!

#EFW Contatto Party

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